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IvyLMT – Massage Therapy

I’ve only had a few professional massages in my life and I’ve come to realize it is an under appreciated aspect of the medical industry.  Now, I didn’t go to some shady place, I actually wanted the kinks worked out, so get your minds out of the gutter.

The amazing part of my experience was how limber and loose my body felt for days post massage.  I just felt really healthy!  I have to be honest though, I was in a little pain during the massage with digging and grinding away of my muscles by firm hands.  But, apparently those hands were educated and knew what they were doing, because I felt great afterwards for days.  I strong recommend that anybody who hasn’t had a professional massage before go get one.  I doubt you’ll regret it.

In fact, if you’re passing by the Morgantown, West Virginia area, check out and get a massage from Ivy.  She does a great job.  But, make sure you give feedback as the massage occurs, because you only want the kinks worked out, not digging that goes so deep as to cause new pains.  Still, she is great and I’m sure most people would love her.

Does anybody else have a good massage therapy tale to share?

This has been in response to another massage therapy post.


O’Reilly Executes Biased Poll

Today I was browsing the FoxNews website.  I know, I know, but I have to read all points of view, because the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.  I happened to come across an interesting poll – one seeking the most biased new outlet.

No Spin Poll

No Spin Poll


I’m shocked, note sarcasm, that FoxNews didn’t include themselves in the poll.  Although I doubt regular surfers would go against them in such a poll.

I don’t really have any further comment on the matter, because I’m basically tired of all the constant, never ending, ear aching, shouting occuring throughout all major cable media.  Still, does anyone have examples of biased polls from the four agencies listed in this poll?

Devine Isn’t Just Next, He’s Better

Noel Devine isn’t just Slaton’s replacement, he’s a better version of the former Heismann hopeful.  I believe Devine is more explosive and, importantly, better at shaking tackles.  Something Steve stunk at.  A lot of people have compared Devine to Barry Sanders, but I’m having a difficult time doing so.  Especially since Barry only played running back for a half dozen games in high school and was a starter in his senior year only in college.  Basically, I have no statistical point of reference.  Devine certainly seems to have the whole package, I’m interested to see him put on 20 pounds and see if the results still stay the same.  Can anybody draw a convincing comparison between Devine and Sanders?

‘Eers 2008 Football Schedule Excitement Starts In Colorado

Its well known that the Big East has won the scheduling derby the past few seasons and have done it again this year.  The West Virginia Mountaineers will cap the season on the road at Pittsburgh then at home against South Florida, the only two teams to defeat the ‘Eers last year.  It’s likely all three teams will be ranked and vying for the Big East title at that point.  What’s more and equally important, the Mountaineers have huge early and mid-season showdowns against Colorado and Auburn, respectively and I would like to take a closer look at Colorado.

Another blog provides a great look at their upcoming schedule and briefly analyzes the dandy that should happen in Boulder.

Last year Colorado defeated Oklahahoma and Texas Tech while fighting Florida State and Illinois to the very end in close loses.  They are definitely competitive and fighters at the top level.  Plus, West Virginia is playing at Colorado and I think home field advantage has been a lost concept in recent years.  Think about it, 3rd game of the season, away at Colorado, against a team competetive against some of the best last year while beating a few of them.  I have no clue, but does anyone know if their stadium is a mile above sea level like the city of Denver is?  Because that could be a factor. 

InterestingIy, I doubt anyone except Colorado fans think they have a chance and most people may only remember then from the Katie Hnida scandal.  But, Colorado did win the Big 12 as recently as 2001 and their program did go bowling last year.  If West Virginia can go to Boulder and dominate then I think they will be National Title contenders.  I think this game will set the stage for the ‘Eers 2008 season.  What are your thoughts?

“Terror” Word To Sensationalize Other Stories recently ran the story Girls Gone Wild: Texas Cheerleaders Terrorize Town.  The show On The Record with Greta recently discussed the story behind the sensational headline.  Now I don’t think Greta had anything to do with the headline and she summarized the cheerleaders actions as just:

…so we’ve got these five girls who have declared themselves the “Fab Five,” they’re the cheerleaders, the popular girls in the high school. They now seem to have, basically, you know, three main problems. One is they gave teachers a hard time, two is the bullied other classmates, and three is they put these pictures on the Internet that are not particularly, you know, maybe tasteful…

I mean, come on!  This is the standard for terrorizing a town.  Wow!  I’m sure they did intimidate some classmates and behaved inappropriate, but terrorizing?  Is anyone else tired of Media perverting the “terror” word for their own agenda?  Checkout another blog’s successful look into the word “terror”.