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IvyLMT – Massage Therapy

I’ve only had a few professional massages in my life and I’ve come to realize it is an under appreciated aspect of the medical industry.  Now, I didn’t go to some shady place, I actually wanted the kinks worked out, so get your minds out of the gutter.

The amazing part of my experience was how limber and loose my body felt for days post massage.  I just felt really healthy!  I have to be honest though, I was in a little pain during the massage with digging and grinding away of my muscles by firm hands.  But, apparently those hands were educated and knew what they were doing, because I felt great afterwards for days.  I strong recommend that anybody who hasn’t had a professional massage before go get one.  I doubt you’ll regret it.

In fact, if you’re passing by the Morgantown, West Virginia area, check out and get a massage from Ivy.  She does a great job.  But, make sure you give feedback as the massage occurs, because you only want the kinks worked out, not digging that goes so deep as to cause new pains.  Still, she is great and I’m sure most people would love her.

Does anybody else have a good massage therapy tale to share?

This has been in response to another massage therapy post.


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  Holistic Junction Weblog wrote @

I went for my first time to an experienced massage therapist, who provided an hour-long Swedish massage session. I felt so good after the therapy, and so relaxed that I felt like I could climb a mountain…at least for a few days, anyway. I recommend massage for de-stressing and re-vitalizing any time. 🙂

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