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For the only reason that a rational man would do in a rational thing like this.


Me Watching WVU spank UConnMe, Jeremy Ray Brown, was born in the late 70s, but my earliest memory is from ’82, when I ate a hot pepper my mom left on the counter.  I spent those early year in southern California, then northern California, then New York, followed by Charleston, West Virginia; all by the age of 7.  I remained there until I ventured back to California for high school.  Then, after experiencing the restaurant life that comes with no college degree I started studies in electrical engineering.  I know, boring!  My undergrad college life occured in West Virginia while my grad studies happened in Virginia.  But, my allegiance lies with WVU although I do root for the Hokies from time to time.  Today, I’m a web developer and I’ve been doing that since ’05.

Currently, I work at Hanley Wood, LLC, a media company for the housing industry.  My hobbies include working out, general fitness, soccer, attending concerts, traveling, and probably a million other things because I’m easily amused!

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