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Moral Judgement, Nope, Howabout An Excuse

I’m becoming increasingly disturbed by the media’s and society’s support of barberic police action.  The latest story to hit the news is that of a cop pushing over a cyclist in New York City.  The story is covered in an unbiased fashion in the video below.

The comments supporting the cop in the video are disturbing and I saw on several news outlets the statement, “… we didn’t see the whole video …”  Seriously, what else do you need to see.  That would be a serious battery arrest if I did that to someone.  I am so damn sick and tired of people supporting that kind of crap!  Wake up people!  That behavior is not okay.

The cyclist was part of a group protesting the vast use of automobiles in urban areas.  I know a lot of activists are not central on their opinion, but they do make a good point in this case.  Automobiles in urban areas are driving up gas and causing polution.  They are riding their bikes to show an alternative and I’m sure some cyclists were rude and obnoxious.  Now, apparently the cyclist was told to stop for some reason.  They said he was impeding the flow of traffic.  I’m not sure where they got that from the video I saw.  But, based on the cop’s claim that the cyclist ran right into him, I think the impeding traffic claim is troublesome at best, and a down right dispicable lie at worst.  That cop should be charged with battery, false imprisonment (since he handcuffed the guy) and sued (because he should have to suffer with less money).  One mitigating factor is the cop was a rookie, only a few weeks on the job, but still, battery is battery and there is no excuse for that.

Imagine you’re biking down the road, even among a group protesting something, and a cop does this to you.  How humilitated would you feel being knocked hard to the ground, handcuffed, and lied about with news analysts saying we didn’t see the whole story.  Wake up, stop being naive, and think beyond the mystique of authority, authority, authority, authority, authority!

To be fair, society does absolutely need police to protect our communities, I’m just tired of bad excuses supporting (if only mildly) the bad cops.