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O’Reilly Executes Biased Poll

Today I was browsing the FoxNews website.  I know, I know, but I have to read all points of view, because the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.  I happened to come across an interesting poll – one seeking the most biased new outlet.

No Spin Poll

No Spin Poll


I’m shocked, note sarcasm, that FoxNews didn’t include themselves in the poll.  Although I doubt regular surfers would go against them in such a poll.

I don’t really have any further comment on the matter, because I’m basically tired of all the constant, never ending, ear aching, shouting occuring throughout all major cable media.  Still, does anyone have examples of biased polls from the four agencies listed in this poll?


“Terror” Word To Sensationalize Other Stories recently ran the story Girls Gone Wild: Texas Cheerleaders Terrorize Town.  The show On The Record with Greta recently discussed the story behind the sensational headline.  Now I don’t think Greta had anything to do with the headline and she summarized the cheerleaders actions as just:

…so we’ve got these five girls who have declared themselves the “Fab Five,” they’re the cheerleaders, the popular girls in the high school. They now seem to have, basically, you know, three main problems. One is they gave teachers a hard time, two is the bullied other classmates, and three is they put these pictures on the Internet that are not particularly, you know, maybe tasteful…

I mean, come on!  This is the standard for terrorizing a town.  Wow!  I’m sure they did intimidate some classmates and behaved inappropriate, but terrorizing?  Is anyone else tired of Media perverting the “terror” word for their own agenda?  Checkout another blog’s successful look into the word “terror”.