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People are Gullible

There are some posts about gullible people and many deal with political issues (eg: and  Blogs certainly dissect the gullible issue from other angles but I’m going to investigate from a paranormial view.  Hopefully readers will see the subtle links to the political season within the text as well.

Amazing Randi's Carlos Hoax

Amazing Randi

The Amazing Randi, a man whose sense of humor and sarcasm are easily missed, has been debunking alleged faith healers, psychics, and those that communicate with spirts from the otherside which is the current trend.  However, I would like to address a hoax the Amazing Randi pulled off on the world.  Randi had his friend pretend to be a spirt channeler, someone who’s body is possed by a spirit so the spirit can channel to the world.  Perhaps through speach or writing or whatever.  Well, Randi coached his friend through the act but they did need atleast one gimic to fool people.  The gimic was to stop blood flowing through the body when he was possessed.  He proved this by having a nurse check his pulse while he was possed.  It is actually quite simple to stop ones pulse to ones wrist, but it matters not, because people are gullible.

Now down to the meat of this discussion for this 1988 hoax (not that long ago).  Randi basically trained an actor to behave as if a spirit was possessing him.  The job of the spirit was to predict the future, give advice, or whatever.  He also taught the actor to use a simple trick to fool nurses and doctors into believing the possessed Carlos’ heart stopped beating upon possession.  Then he produced some fake media clippings praising Carlos’ validity.  He took these pieces of media, all lies and debunkable with one phone call to the Australian media.  They bought it and never checked a thing.  The Carlos Hoax was born and the entire country was watching.  The act, shown below, is so silly and comical it was like a bad exorcist movie, but hords and I do mean hords of people believed it.  The funny thing is, after the hoax ran its course in Australia, they brought the hoax home to the good ‘ole U S of A.  And the media was so silly they were actually reporting that Carlos was known throughout America prior to the Australian tour.  Interesting since Carlos never existed prior to arriving in Australia, but, it matters not because people are gullible.

Randi James, The Amazing Randi is his stage name, shows just how simple it is to fool the masses and how the media helps perpetuate it.  Now, think about this and the current political environment in this country.  A lot of talk and showmanship, then more talk, and more talk, and more and more and more and more with the compliance of a sensationalist seeking media equals nothing more, quite often, then a fooled American public.  People need to get smarter and evaluate what’s going on around them.  Don’t you want to understand the reality of the world?  Perhaps not?!?!  With issues like war, economy, and faith, I dare poeple to evaluate what’s true and what is not.  I divulge no farther.

Randi James debunks all kinds of bull, including back when Oprah, yes Oprah, believed a pretty boy moron, Geller, was capable of bending spoons through psychic power.  If you want a good dose of comedy and a re-awakening of critical thought, youtube Randi James.